Wednesday, October 10, 2012

San Luis Obispo
Plein Air 2012
 This was one of the first things I saw, but the last painting I did.
The atmospheric perspective, was incredible, I had to try it.
Its just off  Los Osas Valley road, in SLO County.
11x14 oil

Coast line of Central California is made to paint !
Just stopping randomly I found this vantage point from above the shoreline.
The Sun sets to my right, which lights up the forms on the shore nicely.
11x14 oil

Driving further up the coast to Cambria, I found this beautiful scene
complete with fall colors California style.
11x14 oil

The Ol farm sits quietly right in the city of San Luis Obispo,
notice the "progress" going on in the background.
9x12 oil

.K. venturing even further up the coast, all the way to San Simion.
it was getting late -have to find my painting !
Lets try some backlight/glare...why not.did it work ?
9x12 oil

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Anonymous said...

Do you belong to any plein air groups around Tucson? Im curious how that works. - peg wilmore